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Our Nigerian Goatsies


Maplewood Hill Top DrivenUNuts

Barn Name: Nutsy


DOB: 1-1-12    ADGA registered    Height: 20 7/8"

CAE negative in September 2016

Nutsy, as we call her, has very good legs, back, dairy character, and body capacity. She also has a nice rump.

Kidding history-

2014- 2 doe kids (Little Tots Estate Lover Boy)

2015-1 buck & 2 doe kids (Caprigem P Roly Poly)

2016-1 buck & 1 doe kid (Caprigem P Roly Poly)

Show Wins-

ADGA PDGA 1st in her age Class & Grand Champion Jr Doe (Ring 1 -6/16/12) Judge: Paul Kempe Jr.

Nutsy has her dry leg!!!

ADGA Tri County DGA Ring 1 (5-30-15) 2nd  Judge: Carly Neumann

ADGA Tri County DGA Ring 2 (5-30-15) 4th  Judge: Jennifer Lohman Peterson

ADGA WPDGA Ring 1 (6-4-16) 1st  Judge: Anne McKeever Clagett

ADGA WPDGA Ring 2 (6-4-16) 1st in her age class & Grand Champion Sr Doe,

Best of Breed, & Best Doe in Show  Judge: Daniel J Considine

Nutsy has her 2nd leg!!!!!

ADGA National Show (7-4-16) 18th  Judge: Sam Whiteside & Sam Laney

Linear Appraisal

2015 V E + V 87

2016 VEEE 90


                                                                  SSSS: ++B ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L *S E

                                                     SSS: Rosasharn TL Cauldron *S

                                                                 SSSD: Rosasharn's UK Witch Hazel 5*D E

                        SS: NC Promisedland RC Bonafide *S +*B

                                                                 SSDS: SG +B NC Promisedland MG Beau +*S

                                                    SSD: SGCH/ARMCH NC Promisedland Beau-Nita 2*D

                                                                SSDD: ARMCH/GCH Promisedland Good Day Sunshine 2*D *M

Sire: Dill's BF Emerson Drive *B

                                                                SDSS: Sugar Creek NT Tight Wad *S

                                                   SDS: MI Sugar Creek TW Tunes XM *S

                                                               SDSD: MCH/GCH Sugar Creek PT Show Tunes *D E

                        SD: SGCH Dill's XM Keena 4*M (ADGA Elite Doe)

                                                               SDDS: ARMCH Twin Creeks LS Luck of the Draw *S

                                                  SDD: SG Dill's LD Remember 3*D (ADGA Elite Doe)

                                                              SDDD: MCH Gay-Mor's LR Kitty's Meow 2*D E


                                                              DSSS: MCH Goodwood Weisbaden +S E

                                                 DSS: MCH Twincreeks WB Fire Storm +S E

                                                             DSSD: MCH/CH Twincreeks Mariri's Zinnia 4*D E

                       DS: Legacy's MS Fire Hawk

                                                             DSDS: Twincreeks MF Prairie Hawk *S

                                               DSD: Twincreeks Krys' Surprise

                                                            DSDD: Gay-Mor's JJU Krysanthemum 2*D

Dam: New Moon FH Sadie

                                                           DDSS: MCH Green Gate Cinderella's Prince ++S

                                              DDS: Green Gate Rusty Spur

                                                          DDSD: Chisolm Trail Quinn

                     DD: SM3Pines RS Rhapsody

                                                          DDDS: Gay-Mor's Blue Looneytoons +*S

                                            DDD: Gay-Mor's Blu Looney Pleasure 5*D

                                                          DDDD: Gay-Mor's RA Midge 4*D