HipNeck Heaven Farm

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Welcome to my Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goat farm:)

I started the HipNeck Heaven Farm with three little wethers, Bilbo, Samwise, and Frodo.  We added 16 more goats to get to where we are now. My daughter, Trinity, and I show our goats yearly, but our main goal is MILK! We love to drink it, and goat soap is our favorite. Next year, I'm tackling cheese and butter :) We added two chicken coops for layers and broilers. Then came the ducks, and a run and hutch for them. (We offer farm-ganic eggs.) I have found a love of farming that nothing else has ever given me!  The origin behind our name is I am the hippie and my husband is the redneck, so we have two worlds combined into one household. We are proud members of ADGA, AGS (I'm looking into how I double register soon), and WPDGA. As of September 2016, our entire testable herd tested negative for CAE. We are located in Rockland PA. We are excited for the future of our little farm, feel free to look around and visit again soon.
I just want to give everyone a few Nigerian Dwarf tid-bits of information.... They are a miniature dairy breed from West Africa. Their milk is higher in butterfat, and has a sweeter taste. They are proportioned similar to other dairy breeds. Yet their ideal height is between 17"-23" tall, and approximately 75 pounds. They are playful, gentle, even tempered, and lovable animals.